11 Easy Ways to Improve Google Business Profile Ranking

Google Business Profile is a free tool that lets you control how your business appears on Google Maps and Google Search. Improving your Google Business Profile ranking is of huge importance as most people search for businesses online. So let us discuss it in detail.

improve the google business profile

1.Verify Google Business Profile

Just creating a Google Business Profile is not enough. You should verify your business profile to update business information and access performance insights. Most importantly you can ensure only you have control over your business profile. The accuracy of information is hugely important in determining how well your Google Business Profile performs in the search. You should provide the real name of your business and shouldn't include any other details within the business name section. Because it will lead to suspension of your account. Your business provides different fields to enter different information about your business. Make sure you provide only accurate information within the right field. By verifying your profile you can ensure all the information about your business is correct. You can edit or update important business information within your profile. After adding your business profile you can claim it through phone, text, or mail.

2.Complete every section of Google Business Profile with accurate information

Because business profiles with complete and accurate information perform well on local search results. Make sure you fill business name, address, phone number, opening hours, business category, website, description, services, products, and attributes with accurate information. See, your business name, address, phone number and opening hours not only appear on your Google Business Profile but also on your websites, social profiles, and other local listing websites. Business name, opening hours, address, and phone number should appear the same everywhere. Because it will help you to earn the trust of the customers.

3.Choose The Most Relevant Google Business Profile Category

Choosing the right business category is very crucial in accurately showing what your business is about in the search. You should browse through the list carefully and choose a category that describes your business well. If your business offers different services choose the main service as your primary category. Be as specific as you can get. Because the primary category is an important Google Business Profile ranking factor. So, choose your business category very carefully. You can choose up to 10 different categories in Google Business Profile. But it is not compulsory to add 10 different categories. If you choose secondary categories make sure you choose the right categories.

4.Update Your Profile With Accurate Business Hours

Accurate business hours displayed on Google Business Profile help customers avoid confusion and make decisions easily. Showing accurate and consistent business hours shows how trustworthy your business is. Using a verified business profile you can update important business information. So, update your business hours regularly. Let your customers know whether your services are available on holidays. Business profiles that show accurate information consistently always rank well on search results. More importantly, as customers always get accurate information they are more likely to leave positive reviews and suggest your business to others.

5.Include An Informative Description

The words you include in your description of your business profile play a vital role in determining the rank position in local search results. Make your description as informative as possible by including the relevant keywords. Understanding user intent is the right way to decide which words will suit best for the description. So, research well before writing. After finding relevant keywords write your description interestingly and engagingly. Because it should inspire the visitors to take actions like visiting your website, calling, or messaging. In that way, an informative description will help you to gain more engagement which will result in higher ranking in local search results.

6.Request reviews from customers and respond to each review

Customer review is an important local search ranking factor. Understandably, a business profile with lots of positive reviews gets more visibility in the search. Customers carefully read the reviews on business profiles before making important purchasing decisions. So, both collecting reviews and responding to them have huge importance. Apart from providing the best service, you should request the customers to leave reviews.

● Ask for Google Reviews Directly

● Share the Google Business Profile review link through WhatsApp, mail, or other social media account.

● Add a Google Review Option Within Your Website.

● Display Google Review Cards On your store.

Google Business Profiles with more positive reviews surely have higher ranking on search. But do not just focus on collecting positive reviews. You should respond to every single positive and negative review. It shows the transparency and credibility of your business. Customers are more likely to trust such businesses.

7.Add Products And Services

As you can imagine people search for different products and services online. So, businesses that accurately list all the products and services they offer will appear top of the search results. Undoubtedly, adding services and products is a sure way to improve your Google business profile ranking. Because people are more likely to engage with your profile when you showcase different services and products you offer. Apart from improving engagement, listing your products and services also helps your business earn trust as it shows complete and accurate information.

8.Posts Regularly To Your Google Business Profile

You can share news, events, posts, and promotions through your business profile. Regular posting to your Google is important to improve ranking by increasing customer interaction. You can post about different events and discounts or trending products. Posting regularly to your business profile means you are very active and you always have something new to tell to your customers. Understandably, it will increase customer engagement. They will check your profile regularly, visit your website, and enquire about your products and services. This will help you get a higher ranking for your business profile on search.

9.Add High-Quality Photos Of Your Business

Business profiles that include high-quality photos regularly get more clicks from searches than others. Google Business Profile allows you to add photos from different categories - exterior, interior, or product. Because customers want to know about where your business is, the products you offer, how your office looks like…etc. So, it will help you to build credibility and trust. More importantly, customers will start to engage with your business more. The improvement in interaction and updating your profile with fresh content will surely help you get a higher ranking on local search results.

10.Add Questions and Answers To Your Google Business Profile

A detailed Q and A section displayed in your Google Business Profile will help you to clarify lots of customer inquiries. You can add your questions and answers. Think about common questions customers would ask. Then add those questions and detailed answers to them. When you receive questions from customers on your profile respond to them as soon as possible. Make sure you explain everything in detail. This will help the customers to clarify lots of their doubts straight from your business profile. Surely, this will increase engagement and lead to conversations. As this Q and A section is displayed publicly it will help you to build credibility and trust. So, more people will start to engage with your profile. It will help your business profile to go higher on local search results.

11.Regularly Monitor Your Google Business Profile Insights

To optimize your Google My Business profile efficiently you should understand how it performs in search results. Monitoring your business profile insights is the right way to understand about visibility and performance of your profile. Business profile insights give valuable information about how customers discover and interact with different sections of your profile. It includes how they find your profile, the way they interact, how many views your posts and updates get…etc. So, once you study the data given by insights thoroughly you will get a better idea of how to optimize your business profile correctly. To improve the visibility and engagement sometimes you need to find out new strategies. In that way, by monitoring business profile insights you will correct the mistakes immediately and will find out more effective strategies to implement. This will lead to gaining better ranking and engagement for your Google business profile.


Optimizing your Google Business Profile has huge importance in improving your Local S.E.O. Being aware of it surely has huge benefits. Implementing of right tactics to improve your local search ranking is something should do very carefully. If you are a busy person and looking for the right agency to help you improve your Google Business Profile position look no further. Reon Technologieswill help your business to become more visible on both Google Maps and Search. We have a dedicated team specializing in effective SEO strategies to attract maximum visibility.

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