Top 10 Common Wed Design Mistakes To Avoid

Building a stunning, professional-looking website is important. But that just alone can't attract the right audience. Your website should also have the right content, features, and functionality to attract visitors. So, some web design mistakes could prevent your website from getting the right audience. Let's discuss this subject in detail

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1. Confusing Navigation

Clear navigation is a major factor determining a website's success. See, unclear navigation looks unprofessional and makes it very difficult for users to use the website. As a result, there is a higher chance of abandoning websites by the users. So, both engagement rate and traffic will drop for your website. Remember, only websites that users love to engage with will get a higher ranking on Google. A higher bounce rate and abandoning rate can surely affect the ranking. At the same time, clear, user-friendly navigation makes it easier for users to find what they want. So they will find more time within the website and also create the chance for higher conversion rates.

2. Cluttered Design

No users ever like to see too many elements. They need a website that will help them to get what they are looking for without much effort. In addition to distracting users, a cluttered design will also affect SEO. Because too many elements will make it hard for websites to load instantly. So, users are more likely to abandon your site. As a web designer, you have to make sure there is nothing on the website that will distract users from reaching the end goals. A simple, uncluttered design represents only important elements. So, users feel no confusion. It will lead to increased user engagement and conversion rate.

3. Slow Loading Website

Users love websites that load within seconds. So, the only way to attract users is to build websites that load instantly on all devices, even on slow mobile networks. For valid reasons, fast-loading websites get more traffic and user engagement. As a result, such websites get higher ranking on Google. So, making sure your website loads fast should be among the top priorities while building a websites

How to improve your website speed

● Use secure, fast hosting

● Use web aching to improve speed and efficiency

● Compress images within the websites

● Make sure you minify both the CSS and JavaScript files.

● Use Content Delivery Network.

● Limit the number of redirections within the website.

● Use lazy loading

4. Not Optimized For Mobile Devices

One common and costly web design mistake is not optimizing your website for mobile devices. Because most people use their mobile devices to access websites. Designing a website that performs well on all devices will ensure a wider reach and improved conversion rates. In addition to easy accessibility, a mobile-friendly friendly website will provide improved readability and navigation. So, both accessing content and completing important tasks become so much easier for users. This will surely help to improve the reputation of your business.

Tips To Optimize Your Websites for Mobile Devices

● Use a responsive layout for your website.

● Improve website loading speed.

● Use easy-to-read font.

● Compress images.

● Avoid using pop-ups.

5. Ignoring SEO

Ignoring SEO can be a huge web design mistake. Because it can prevent your website from being indexed and ranked on major search engines. It is not just about organic traffic. Users will trust a website that ranks higher on Google. It is also a cost-effective method to attract users. So, ignoring SEO can have a huge negative impact on Google.

Tips to Make Your Website SEO-friendly

● Make sure you include relevant keywords within your website content.

● Use a user-friendly UR structure.

● Use header tags.

● Use an SEO-friendly website architecture.

● Use the right title and Meta descriptions.

● Add relevant internal links.

● Update your content regularly.

6. Not securing the website

You should avoid this web design mistake at all costs. Because no user ever trusts a website that doesn't have robust security. An unsecured website can surely lead to data breaches. Thereby, you will lose the trust of your customers, the reputation of your business, and the ranking of your website. So, give utmost importance to protecting your website against security attacks and safeguarding customer information.

Tips To Improve Security of Your Website

● Add SSL certificate and HTTPS

● Implement Two Factor Authentication.

● Keep your website and plugins up to date.

● Use complex passwords.

● Use a secure web hosting service.

● Conduct a security audit of your website

● Back up your website.

7. Missing Clear Call To Actions

Why this is a huge web design mistake? Because you will miss the opportunity to turn visitors into customers or subscribers without adding a proper call to action on your website. A clear Call to Action will tell the web visitors what to do next. Visitors feel confused when they find no CTAs. So, they may leave your website. As a result, you will lose an opportunity for conversion. Make sure the CTAs you add to your website are easy to find and in the right positions. So that users feel no confusion. More importantly, it will improve user experience. Thereby the website will receive more engagement and traffic.

8. Uclear Fonts

You may have provided the most valuable content. But, how can it satisfy the readers if it is very difficult to read? Understandably, the unclear font will create a negative impression on users. They will find it very difficult to read and understand the content. So they will leave your website without reading the whole content. This negative user experience will lead to a decrease in traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. A beautiful easy-to-read font can surely grab the attention of the users. It will also make it easy for visitors to grab and understand the content. As a result, they feel no strain in reading your content. Unquestionably, choosing a beautiful clear font can have a positive impact on your website visitors.

9. Lack of right information

To satisfy the website visitors you should provide relevant accurate information. If they feel like the information you provided within your website is inaccurate or misleading they will leave your website soon. Inaccurate information surely leads to a loss of trust and credibility. It will also affect the reputation of your business. Providing relevant, accurate information consistently is the only way to earn the trust of web visitors. You have to conduct thorough research before writing your content. Use only reputable and reliable sources. Even after publishing review your content regularly. Update your posts with the right information if you find any mistakes. In that way, you can ensure your website contains only accurate and up-to-date information.

10. Not using analytics

Another common web design mistake you should avoid. How could you make important decisions without knowing performance, traffic, and engagement? What you need is data-driven insight to make the right decisions for your business. You will get invaluable insights like traffic sources, the time they spend on your site, pages visited, total page views, demographics, conversion rate by using analytics. These insights will help you to make better decisions like areas you need to improve, changes you have to make, and new strategies you have to design. Understandably, analytics will help you to make continuous improvements.


Some web design mistakes can affect your brand image, reputation, and ranking. Web design plays a crucial role in how visitors perceive your business. So, you have to make sure your website looks professional, is easily accessible, provides easy navigation, and performs well. Looking for experienced web designers to build your website? The dedicated web architects at Reon Technologies will help you to build stunningly looking, high-performing websites. Contact our staff today for a free consultation.

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