Ways to Make your Website Load Faster

Do you wait for a website to load if it takes more than the expected time? We know the answer is a big 'No.". After all, we are way past the 2G era when we waited for even images to appear clearer. Other websites will load at lightning speeds, so why do we have to wait?

Now imagine the delaying website to be of your business. The visitors will feel the same way and drift away from your website. So, now is the time to fix this situation. A few extra seconds of delay can lead to a negative impact on the visitors and your ranking in search engines. For this, you can reach us - the best digital marketing company in Dubai.

Before that, let's present you with a few ways to improve the loading time of your website-

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Minified JS & CSS files

This simply means reducing the file size by removing unnecessary characters such as space, line breaks, and code in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to make the file run smoothly and faster. For instance, when a user requests any webpage, the minified version will open; thus, the load time minimizes. Your best digital marketing partner can easily create a minified for your website to load faster and retain the viewers.

Defer large-size elements

Here, deferring means preventing large files from opening and keeping them in the queue to open at the end or only after the other elements get loaded. When loaded at the end, large files like Java Script secure the rest of your content load on time. We understand these may be complex terms for a layman but as the best SEO Company in Dubai, we help you simplify the terms and defer large-size images for a quick website loading.

Compression of Contents

Contents like media and files on any website, when compressed, will be an add-on to run faster. As a result, page load time gets reduced. Servers like Apache and IIS serve features like web page compression to compress an oversized file over HTTP. With us - best SEO Company in Dubai, you can create compressed images or videos for your website to load quicker.

Convert Images into next-gen formats

Undoubtedly your content is the point of attraction on your website, but the format also matters. One of the major contributing factors to reducing page load time is using next-gen quality image formats like WebP, Jpeg XR, and AVIF, which can reduce image size by up to 30% by replacing JPEG, PNG, and GIF used traditionally.


Using various plugins within your site can bring new features as well as functionality to your website but the main drawback is that as the number of plugins increases, website take longer time to load. We must evaluate our plugins and remove those unwanted plugins that are poor or outdated for more efficient website performance.

Enable browser cache

Updating this simple setting is another way to improve your page load time. According to Google, web traffic on your site can drastically be reduced by up to 30% due to page load time delays. Cached pages store a backup version of your webpage on the browser. Whenever the visitor makes a request, stored information from the cache is served and will notify that an updated version of the information is also available. Some methods like APC, Quick cache, and WP Super Cache can serve the purpose.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Commonly known as CDN is a network of interconnected servers distributed geographically. This is best for large websites with lakhs of visitors daily, like e-commerce sites. It simply means when a request is made, the file gets loaded from the nearby server connected to the main server, which reduces page load time and increases the website's speed. Speed, better UI/UX, High Capacity for traffic, security, and reliability are a few advantages of CDN.

Lazy load Settings

It is a technique where a particular page initially loads the only required content and waits for the complete information to be loaded until the user needs it. It can boost your website's SEO. For e.g.; Google images use this feature. It can be fitted for various elements on a website to make it load faster.

Manage WordPress

If you have your website built in word press, then it is a good way to enhance your page process more efficiently. If you are facing difficulty in enhancing page speed after trying all the above factors, then you should consider a new hosting package and also remove all unnecessary plugins.


Reon Technologies, one of the leading SEO Company in Dubai is here to provide you with the most effective ways to make your website page load faster. Our expert solutions and technologies can be helpful for you to grow your business effortlessly.

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Reach out to us for well-experienced expert teams to help you improve your business as well as website requirements.

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