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Modern Software for Modern Business

‘To be upgraded’ is the only mantra for a successful business career. As the world get more and more close to digitalization and artificial intelligence, to use the latest one becomes a prime factor for any business. Business development only occurs when an enterprise increases their customer base. For any business that matters the most modern version of an ERP system is crucial to cover every department of the company.

Any business organization can be managed easily by an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) within a centralized and integrated system. A wide variety of industries such as healthcare, nonprofit groups, construction and hospitality make use of this modern software for managing their staff, customers and inventory.

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ERP apart from storing data into a single database also assists in organizing, analyzing and making into reports of the entered data. It allows all departments to work with the same information bringing into one system which improve the company’s efficiency and productivity to the next level.

Being one of the top ERP software Companies in Dubai, Reon Technologies has its own well developed Enterprise resource planning software that manage a number of business functions. The use of modern software for modern business is the best solution for the integration of workplace business processes. Listed below are some of the factors that support why an ERP should be implemented in an enterprise.

Good Analytics

With a central database of information all the data that users input can be recorded and saved thus improving analytics and reporting. Your team is able to generate different reports so easily which would have taken more number of days for research and compilation without the software. The customizable dashboard of the system help the employers to see the reports including income and expense statements and custom KPIs, when they are logged into the system.

No Redundancies

Redundant data causes inconsistency and confusion among the employers that deals with a non-centralized information management system. This multiplicity of the same information consume more space and make it difficult to access the information easier. With the implementation of an ERP system this drawback is solved.

High Security

Other software allow the workers to access common information regarding order entry, stock counts, shipping, receiving etc where there is a chance of high risk about sensitive accounting and payroll records. But using an ERP system allows the employees to access only the employees’ accounts according to their role.

Improved Collaboration

Your unique ERP system reduces any errors and improve collaboration. Through the central database all the team members can access the data they need. This eliminates the need of merging of information across various systems. The data files are accurate, complete and secure and prevents in human error to a maximum.

Productivity Enhancement

Without an ERP your employees take long hours for generating reports, monitoring inventory levels, timesheet tracking and processing orders. Human error could occur any time along the way with the use of traditional methods. Your ERP system automate these tasks eliminating tasks like data entry and allows the system to perform calculations faster thus increasing the organization’s productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Simplified Compliance

Your ERP system can maintain compliance at every stage. The auditing tools helps in documenting and formulating reports. It keeps a track of regulations in your business along with efficient risk management. Reliability and accuracy are the key features of this software as it reduces errors during accounting. You will be able to create more secure budgets, schedules and product development plans.

Well Resource Management

ERP systems manage manufacturing operations enabling the employers to optimize production schedules, equipment and labor to maximize capacity. Bill of Materials and fixed assets are managed easily keeping track of all previous changes. By scheduling the equipment maintenance unexpected downtime can be reduced improving the profitability.

Improved Inventory Monitoring

Since ERP systems use barcoding, RFID tags and serial numbers, it is easy to track down inventory levels. This gives a clear cut information on the items which are ready for transportation, in transportation and already on the shelves. The managers get real-time data on their inventory for making accurate business decisions.

Money Saving

As a successful Digital marketing Agency we provide an ERP package which is of great investment as it end up in saving your organization’s money. Their Return on Investment is high as they unifies multiple systems that were shattered across your organization. Employees can save their time because of the centralized system as they don’t have to search for a particular information in different sources. Your company no longer need to train the employees on several systems which reduces the overall cost.

Satisfied Customers

Since ERP systems provide client-centered goods and services your customer relationship management goes smoothly. By updating the client data ERP helps the client representatives to handle your customers with efficiency. Maintaining details like contact information, order history, billing information etc comes under the duties of an integrated CRM. By understanding the customer’s wants and needs your business is able to improve sales.

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