` Multi Facet Web Design and Responsive Web Development Services


Multi Facet Web Design and Responsive Web Development Services

The process that creates user-friendly websites regardless of the medium is called responsive web development. It was once an upcoming trend, but with the smartphone generation leading all spheres of life, today it is an inevitable part of digital marketing.

Here is what responsive web design can do to your business

  • Makes your website equally accessible at PC, tablets and a mobile screen.
  • Increases sales and conversion rate magically.
  • Increases your visibility on the search engine.
  • Saves you from hassles of developing a separate mobile app development.
  • Saves time that is consumed in the analytics of your websites.

These are only the highlights of responsive web design. There are numerous other underlying benefits that you can reap. However, the catch is to approach a leading web development company in UAE to design the gateway to your world. It is only in the hands of professionals to render a responsive web design that amps the levels of your business.

As it is well-known that ‘change is the only constant’, responsive web design are also going through terrific trends that can elevate the standards of your enterprise. Reon technologies, the digital marketing agency in Dubai, is working hard to stay in the lead of its work. Here are a few trends that we include in our responsive web developments.

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Multi-faceted websites- Filters help the user to search for their desired products. However, the introduction of facets has helped to narrow the filtering even more. Earlier when there were only one or two filters today, numerous semi categories are created to help the user save time while scrolling.

Hidden menu- Users need to click on home to see the scroll down menu. This system saves space and allows the website to be compact enough and seen on the screen of a phone. It can also quickly adapt the same technology on a tablet or laptop.

Responsive images using CSS- We can look forward to seeing more websites that use images with CSS max-width property. This quality helps the photos to fit in the tiniest of screens and saves the user from scrolling around to view the entire picture.

High speed- According to a recent survey, a user serves a maximum of 3 seconds to decide if he wants to stay at the website or not. Hence the web development company is working to drastically reduce the loading time of a website according to the speed update algorithm by Google.

Full-screen video background- As the user scrolls through the website, there is a video streaming in the background that opens a window to your business. Human brains can capture images better than letters; hence, the video will stay in their mind for long, and if it is attractive enough users are bound to revisit the website.

Minimalism- Today, the digital world follows the principle of ‘less is more’. Too many images are out of context, and the home screen is kept as simple as possible. The minimalist trend is soaring because people have insufficient time. They do not want to search for a needle inside a roll of a haystack. Hence, clean designs are more acceptable and in trend.

Gradient effect- Colour gradation is becoming extremely popular in responsive web designs. It lends a rich, layered structure that results in creating an aesthetic appeal. The usage of bright gradient and bold illustration will rule the coming years of web development.

The trends will keep on evolving. However, you must be ready with your responsive website to inculcate everything new and keep up with the customers. Connect with the leading digital marketing company UAE elevate the levels of your enterprise.

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