Digital marketing trends that are working well in 2017

The year 2017 is no different from its predecessors in terms of brands vying with each other to capture the attention of customers and framing strategies to confront economic volatilities and market vagaries. The robustness of innovative digital marketing methods is serving as the life-saving oxygen for brands that thrive on the loyalty of consumers and look for online social circles to monetize on audiences sentiments. This post dwells on the popular digital marketing trends that are causing ripples in the brand promotion segment.

Social media feedbacks are shaping brand’s offerings Brands’ are increasingly offering products and services that have been customized as per the feedbacks and recommendations of the prospective buyers. Consumers are having their say in the products being rolled out as brands’ innovative new digital marketing factors in reviews, priorities, expectations, wants and improvement voices of prospects expressed through social platforms. An idea is floated by the brand through its social pages and based on the popularity of the same, theproduct is engineered.

Increasing use of artificial intelligence to identify consumer needs Conventional marketing is giving way to predictive e-promotion with artificial intelligence playing a dominant role in shaping customer perceptions about thebrand. This is particularly true in the case of sophisticated electronics apparatus segment where customers can understand the intricacies of the complicated system in an intelligible manner through advanced yet comprehensible animated sequences. This facilitates consumers to map their needs to the products in an intuitive manner which steps up prospects for sale simultaneously. Further, advanced data analytics alert the brands about products that should be released to the market before consumer needs arise through proactive feedback and review mechanisms.

Content marketing is still in driver’s seat Content marketing gained momentum some three years ago and in 2017 too, it is continuing to bring brands closer to prospects in full swing. The strategic approach adopted by businesses towards this mode of digital promotion is aimed at mapping the tangible returns on investment as the content landscape is experiencing an increase in competition and expenditure. Interactive promotional tools and personalization apps are taking content marketing to the next level. Digital marketing agency UAE is steering the course of the new market sentiments by offering brand marketers the desired competitive edge with laser targeted and appealing content that resonates with consumers.

Mining of Big Data is gaining strength The domain of big data digital promotion encompasses the potential market, consumer insights, and prognostic analytics. In 2017, those marketers who have embraced the big data model to drive their digital campaigns have been rewarded with asurge in sales volume. This is because of the capability to pre-empt the market by analyzing data in real time that is available in customizable formats. Exploiting the customer feedbacks allows for making provision for better site personalization. This is also reflected through refined email campaigns that draw strength from prognostic analytics wherein consumer temperaments are dissected keenly to cater to them accordingly.

Real-time, instantaneous catering to consumer needs This is a relatively new marketing trend which gained prominence in late 2016 and is still yielding fair results. The strategy increasingly being deployed by new generation start-ups tend to monetize on marketing dynamics by comprehending consumer moods and responses to products/ services through chatting and sharing channels like, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc. Marketing is being done in a spontaneous manner by striking the right chord with social audiences.

Stress on curated digital marketing stuff Human beings have been overwhelmed with a deluge of information after the advent of theinternet. Their senses are not capable of processing this abundance of data at an individual level. To get around this, people are increasingly relying on opinions of niche experts who can convincingly curate the marketing content on their behalf and help them take informed and conscious purchasing decisions. In 2017, this trend has been strengthened further with peer specialists jumping onto the scene to help consumers not to be bogged down by information overload. Such experts are allowing consumers to focus on products and services that are compatible with their preferences, values, and lifestyle by filtering recommendations. Digital marketing company in UAE has donned this role perfectly and helping consumers take sensible purchasing decisions. If one is based in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Amman or any other emirates, he/ she can rely on the incisive reports of the digital marketing company for discerning opinions.

On the go marketing being fostered by mobile gadgets Smartphones, tablets, wearable, watches and other gadgets offering online connectivity have ushered in next phase of evolution of digital marketing in 2017. Creative apps and mobile technologies are serving as smart, swift and intuitive platforms for scanning information by consumers in real time. Advertisements are being served in innovative garbs so as to resonate with the day to day patterns and cultural linkages of the targeted demographics. This trend has adramatic influence on the customers at the point of purchase. Mobiles have allowed consumers to quickly check the facts, product characteristics and expert recommendations before making a purchase and are also allowing users to optimally use coupons, online discount offers and other freebies which are further driving the sales up. Digital marketing experts UAE have been in the forefront of this market sweeping trend in 2017.

More sources to guide consumers on making business decisions The advent of 2017 has seen a surge in ‘on call’ peers whose specialist and authoritative advice can be availed of in real time. The deepening of the social web has brought consumers closer to trend spotters and experts who offer enriched, varied, and comprehensive opinions on various marketing issues. Such powerful information influences are making consumers take their purchasing decisions sensibly.

Leveraging of ‘Influencer Marketing’ In 2017, businesses are busy devising attribution models and trade perspectives for leveraging the immense potential of Influencer Marketing strategy to drive sales and register exponential growth. Influencers are viewed as the voices that are re-defining the brands’ appeal to prospects. Influences who are passionately professing the authenticity of brands’ offerings are playing a major role in swaying prospects online in favour of their patrons.

Aggressive promotion takes a backseat Those brands are falling prey to consumers’ ire that are intrusively making their presence felt through disruptive and distractive ads, social media feeds, banner advertisements, sponsored pins, fake customer satisfaction stories, and paid tweets. Consumers are investing quality time to discover more about trendsetting products, but they want to carry out the brand familiarity process at their own pace without any pushing interventions. Ad tone is getting relevant, smarter and sassy.

Visual storytelling is in full sway Audio-visual ads, infographics, videos and other live action media are endearing themselves to customers seeking innovative and entertaining ways of gathering and sharing brand related information.

The best digital marketing services UAE has ambitious digital marketing plans in place to help its diverse clientele corner niche markets across the emirates of UAE i.e. Abu Dhabi, Ajman (AJM), Sharjah (SHJ), Dubai (DXB), Fujairah (FUJ), Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), and Umm Al Quwain (UAQ). Contemporary and trendsetting approaches in digital marketing are being progressively embraced to help brands steal the march over adversaries for exponential growth in terms of sales and profits.